Do you want to work for one of Canada's youngest and fastest growing companies? Do you love travel, adventure, and exciting new experiences around the world? Do you thrive working with fun, dynamic, and creative people who push you to do better? You do? Good! Because we're always looking for ambitious, outgoing, friendly, and enthusiastic young people, like YOU!

Believe in what you do

We believe that travel has the power to change lives. Working at S-Trip! is your chance to finally be passionate about the experience you sell, build, or execute. Because no matter what your role here is, you are creating someone’s #TripofaLifetime.

Take Ownership

We encourage every member of our team to get their hands on real responsibility early on, to think outside the box, and volunteer new ideas. We look for leaders at any age, and new recruits with innovation and creativity that will drive us to be the best at every level.

Friends first and co-workers second

ChalKabira is built on friendship and our trips are designed to bring new friends together and old friends even closer. And in the office, our relationships with each other are just as important to us as the work we do. Ask anyone that works here, we’re always bringing the fun at work.


No matter what your role is here at ChalKabira you are creating someone’s #TripofaLifetime! It takes all of our teams at all levels to go above and beyond every day to make it happen. So, whatever stage of your career you’re in, you will help make someone’s #TripofaLifetime too.


Find your passion within our ChalKabira teams, and start working for a company where you will make a difference, be challenged, and work with friends.

Destination Staff

Test your leadership skills and step up to become an invaluable part of a hardworking team. Destination is where 80% of our full-time team started working with ChalKabira - learning the ropes and proving they had what it takes to make it full-time.

Internship Program

Spend a semester with us in our internship program and work in an office where you get real experience and responsibilities.

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