Why We Are Different

Operational Expertise

Our team has experience of handling operations more than 400 participants from leading institutions of India like IIM, IITs in the last season, including students, their alumni at Corporates, Professors, Entrepreneurs, and Other Professionals.

Smaller Groups

Unlike other trekking companies which take 25-50 people in one batch and eventually gives less attention and comfort to each participant, we believe that small groups of 8-12 give the best ambiance to the experience of the Himalayan spirituality, serenity, solitude, and rawness.

Office at Base Camps for Local support

We are not just like any other outsourcing company; we have strong backend operations in Nepal.

For our treks operating out of Manali base Camp & for treks we have a local support office. We have a full time base camp manager deployed to look after the batches, manage guides, handle emergencies if any etc.

No Outsourcing! We do everything of our own

Unlike many Agents who buy and sell clients, we do not outsource our clients. We try to offer you cheapest deals possible, but without compromising on our quality, and safety standards, to get you in.

       We extensively live & breath Himalayas. We have handled and taken the batches of our own and understand the need of our customers. We work together with the team of locals to make our treks success. We essentially believe ‘no one can better organize treks than those who have lived in the same valley for years and have done those treks multiple times’.


Chal Kabira brings to you customized trekking, a venture out in the wilderness just how you want it to be. With a group, without one; fun-filled activities; special teenage oriented treks; a romantic isolated candle-lit dinner in the mountains for that perfect proposal; ask for anything and it will be served. As they say, “Your Wish, will be Our Command

Learning Experience:

We do not just focus on completing the trek but also help you develop basic trekking skills like:

    • Packing a rucksack
    • Morning Yoga & Evening stretching
    • How to pitch and dismantle a camping tent and properly use a sleeping bag
    • Ascend and Descend on a mountain trail
    • How to ensure camp safety and hygiene
    • Identify trail signs and signals

Based on availability of our guests we also conduct a session for  participants by those who have scaled Mt. Everest (session reflects on how they prepared for Summit, life at Everest apart from usual dose of motivation)

Tailor made itineraries-

If you are in a bigger group, well we can customize trek as per your wish, interests. With us, you can customize your travel experience and stay free from any constraints enforced by other ‘irrelevant’ parties into the group.

You and Your Holidays are important for us and we mean that.

Quality Equipment

We are equipped with the best quality equipment required for the all-weather Himalayan Expeditions, which focuses on your Safety, Comfort, Hygiene and Ecology.


The equipment used by Chal Kabira meets high-quality standards. Every equipment used by us is handpicked by our founders keeping in mind all the diverse and extreme trekking conditions. Coleman’ pathfinder sleeping bags to suit temperature as low as -18-degree Celsius, Coleman’ Aravis 3 tents tested for high wind, water, and UV rays resistance; Just the right equipment to keep you protected from the wrath of nature.

Natural Acclimatization and Safe Itineraries

We follow a tight acclimatization regime and are believers of ‘Natural Acclimatization’ and not the medicated breed. Our itineraries are designed keeping altitude gains in mind for the safety of all, including the porters who, unlike us, carry much more load.

Example- for Our treks Like Everest base camp & Annapurna Base Camp trek We have 3 days of acclimatization in our EBC trek. (1 in Kathmandu & 2 during the trek)

Smaller Groups

Unlike other trekking companies which take 22-25 people in one batch and eventually gives less attention and comfort to each participant, we believe that small groups of 8-12 gives best ambience to the experience of the Himalayan spirituality, serenity, solitude and rawness.

No Hidden cost

Our packages are inclusive of in trek flights, food, equipments and rent and stay during Trek. If you are with us, you don’t have to worry about costs which might just come up.

Responsive Tourism

  • Where possible we believe in putting money directly into the communities we visit by using locally owned and run accommodation and eating locally produced food.
  • We are careful to ensure that local staff and operators receive a fair rate for their services.


  • The Himalayas are godly to us and we try to give back to the Himalayas in return for giving us food and making our dreams come true, by being a responsible traveler. We raise awareness on the topic with our trekkers, locals, and officials while on the trek.
  • We endeavor to ensure that our practices help in the environmental conservation of the areas we visit. Our Volunteers and team had been part of various volunteering and awareness drives in Himalayas. We had been actively engaged in promotion of solar energy awareness drives in Everest base camp region, Manali and Leh.

Trek Leaders

ChalKabira enlists among few travel and tour operators that have been founded by the team of experts. Unlike many other travel tour operators, our trek leaders have personally traveled to every popular trekking destinations of India and thus are well familiar with the things that should be considered while trekking to each specific region.  They can devise the best alternative itinerary package for you in case the trekking does not go on schedule due to bad weather and other unforeseen circumstances. Our staffs are professionals who will get focused on the sole purpose of making your stay in the destination as pleasant as it can get.

Certified by NOLS, Our experienced wilderness first responders are well trained in first aid and have got leading potentiality

Expert Guides

Our guides are born and brought up in the surroundings from where trek starts, so our team is very well familiar with local conditions, routes, and obstructions which arise during the trekking, better than any other outsider.

Expert Sherpa Guides (for treks in Nepal) –

Our English speaking Guides are world famous mountain climbers, who have more than 10 years of experience guiding and hosting thousands of trekkers. They are qualified in imparting First Aid and trained in dealing with altitude sickness.

Certifications of guide

 The government of Nepal, Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation Department,

Training of Trekking Guide: Hotel Management and Tourism Training Centre, Nepal

Rock, Ice Climbing and Mountaineering (climbing leaders): Nepal Mountaineering Association

Eco Trekking Workshop and Adventure Meet: TAAN (Trekking Agents Association of Nepal)

Intensive Wilderness First Aid: Keep (Kathmandu Environmental Educational Project)

Leadership Development program

We are one of the pioneers in the field of undertaking Leadership Development Program through Everest base camp and other such adventure treks. In the last two seasons, more than 350 Management Graduates and Young leaders participated in Everest Base Camp Expedition and Annapurna Expedition to push their mental and physical limits, learn the culture of local people, understand the importance of sustainable environment and inculcate the leadership.

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