Group Leader, Uttarakhand and Nepal

Archit is an explorer from Delhi who has recently joined our team for the new season. He is a wayward lad who has lost touch with the person he used to be in the cities and is strongly inclined towards his dream of hiking the world. He has trekked and hiked in North and North East India and he has this urge to learn a lot more of adventure sports like kayaking, skiing and sailing. When he is not in the mountains, he is probably sipping a cold one by the beach or attending some music festival. He started working as a group leader because he wants people to experience the euphoria, same as he does when is in the wilderness. 


Education : BBA, Bharti Vidyapeeth

                   Basic Mountaineering Course, HMI

                   Wilderness First Responder, NOLS India 


Experience : IBM INDIA

                     American Express



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